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Blood Bank Information System

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Efficiency and Safety

The Blood Bank Information System allows medical specialists to follow in detail all the steps mentioned above. Likewise, SIBS software manages the whole systematic process of examination, donation, separation, storage and distribution and helps blood bank employees to record all data in the server and report the process to everyone involved.

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A safe transfusion

Computerization provides a range of functionality and a system that streamlines many routine, manual and time-consuming tasks associated with blood bank and blood donor protocols. These time-saving improvements translate into greater throughput for transfusion services of all sizes.  

Digitalization provides efficient capabilities to conduct pre-transfusion testing and inventory management. The database management system would also provide a fast and direct link between records and blood processing and distribution operations, greatly increasing levels of security and integrity when performing and documenting activities. and events.




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Safe donation, safe transfusion

With automation of the whole process, blood donation becomes a safe event, and transfusion becomes a safer event. Distribution and inventory management become easy and predictable. 

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